Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Body Resolutions

Consider adding one of these to your resolutions for 2009.

• I resolve to get a GYN exam—especially if I’ve never had one before.
• I resolve to stick to a “no glove, no love” policy, and stock up on the condoms myself.
• I resolve to love my labia, no matter what they look like.
• I resolve to wean myself from Brazilian waxes, and save some money while I'm at it.
• I resolve to ask my gyno about the HPV vaccine, since it’s only covered by insurance till I’m 26 years old.
• I resolve to get to know my breasts. Knowing the landscape of my usual lumps and bumps will make me less nervous about feeling one—and more likely to pick up an unusual one.

Are you making any physical resolutions for the new year?

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