Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to Gynotalk

For as much sex as we see everyday, we still aren’t very good about talking about it. High school health class teaches you how you get pregnant and how you get STDs, but little else. My health teachers never even said the word vagina, much less talked about things like discharge or pain. You should be able to talk to your gyno about anything—sure, about STD testing and contraception, but also about masturbation, painful sex, and if having a high number of partners is really bad for your health. But how many of you feel comfortable bringing these issues up with your gyno?

So if you’re not having these conversations with your gyno, where do you go? Most of us don’t have good and knowledgeable friends or sisters to talk to about all things sexual. The internet is such a mixed bag for accurate information—for every good site you find, you’ll find three that will scare the bejesus out of you. I have lots of patients who come see me about a condition that they’ve then researched on the web. Inevitably, they’re now terrified and think they’re diseased, dirty, infertile or dying. But even many reputable sites often don’t give you the complete picture that is sex and sexual health. And that’s my goal here.

I started blogging with Em&Lo on the Daily Bedpost, and didn’t want the gyno-conversation to end, so Gynotalk was born. To those of you joining me from the Bedpost, thank you for coming. I’ll continue to blog about all sorts of issues, from sex itself to pelvic exams to infections to breast health, and your health in general, both physical and emotional. And if I anything I post about piques your interest, please comment or email me directly. I’m ready to talk when you are.

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