Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to Have a Better Pelvic Exam

Okay, so you think there's no such thing as a decent pelvic exam - it's up there with paying taxes and flossing. But there are a few things that you can do before and at your annual exam to make it go a bit easier.
  • Keep out before going in. To make it easier for your gyno - and reduce the chance that you need to come back for another exam - don't have sex or use vaginal products (creams, douches) for 2 days before your exam.
  • Smart scheduling. If you get the first appointment of the day, or the first appointment after lunch, you're less likely to have to wait around (with increasing anxiety).
  • Slippery speculum. Ask your gyno to heat up a metal speculum with hot water - and she can use lubricant on either a plastic or metal speculum.
  • Talk it out. Chat with your gyno during the exam. It may sound crazy, but talking during a pelvic exam really helps to relax your pelvic muscles, and reduces your discomfort. You can ask her to tell you what she's doing...or talk about celebrity gossip...whatever works.
Do any of you have tips to share about making pelvic exams easier?

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