Monday, January 19, 2009

Say Goodbye to Bush?

I'm for any and all reasons to celebrate Inauguration Day - but to celebrate by pain?

Pubic hair trends seem to wax and wane (pun intended). There was a time that I could guess the age of a patient by simply looking at her lower half when undressed for an exam. If she had pubic hair simply trimmed, she was likely over thirty. (Untrimmed at all, probably over fifty.) But if she's as hairless as a Peruvian, I would bet she was in her teens or twenties.

As a gyno, I'm all for panty line maintenance, but I'm doubtful about going the fully monty. Waxing, even done by professionals, can lead to folliculitis - painful blisters at best, infected pustules at worst. And the red bumps resemble herpes - causing several of my frequent-waxer patients to call me in distress. Plus, the hairless vulva strikes me as prepubescent, rather than attractive.

These days, patients sporting a full Brazilian wax are less common. Perhaps it's the economy, and days at the salon are simply too expensive. But I hope we're returning to a trend of tidying up, not taking off. That's a change that this doc can believe in.

Have any of you changed your shaving/waxing habits lately?

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JTwilliams said...

At 39 & a hysterectomy & cyst surgery later, I cannot stand "hair". I watch the show "the Doctors" and the gyno last week said that it is healthier and cleaner which is how I feel. Are there any studies that say that shaving is or isn't safe? How do your colleagues feel? It seems like it is a personal opinion that Dr.'s may have..could it be?? thanks!