Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad Vibrations

A patient in my office last week confessed to me that she's worried she's hurt herself from too much vibrator use. She asked me how common vibrator-induced injuries were...and I had no idea. Searching throughout my usual (and not-so-usual) references didn't yield much information, either. Apparently, sex-toy-hazards are not a common area of research or publication (go figure). So the advice I could give her (and everyone else) is based mostly on common sense:
  • Baby yourself. The skin covering your clitoris (the hood) and the surrounding tissue (your labia) is even more sensitive than doesn't get a lot of sun or exposure. So if the tough soles of your feet can get sore from too much pressure, just imagine how your clit feels. While blisters, cuts or other injuries in this area are uncommon from masturbation alone, it's not impossible. If you're starting to feel sore during or after vibrator use, give the vibe a little rest.
  • Choose wisely. Vibrators, like other sex toys, are not exactly regulated by the FDA. Just because something is for sale, doesn't mean it's necessarily safe. A vibrator might be too powerful for your clitoris, or too big for your vagina...
  • Stay topical. In fact, most vibrators are meant for external use only. So definitely exercise caution when penetrating your vagina or anus with a vibrator that might not be designed for that purpose.
  • Don't push through pain. We use vibrators to create pleasure, not cause pain (that's an entirely different post). So if you're feeling uncomfortable with your vibe, stop. You may be giving your clit too much direct stimulation, or are causing too much friction on the hood or surrounding tissues. Try a different speed, or a different position of the vibrator.
  • When in doubt... See your gyno. Pain in the area of your clitoris might be from vibrator overuse...or it might be something else (like a yeast infection or even herpes).
Have you ever experienced "bad vibrations"?

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