Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Is My Mound Too Round?

Hello Dr. Kate,

I'm a 15 year old girl. I am a bit overweight but other than that I am healthy. I'm really self-conscious about the bulge where the "mound" is supposed to be. I'm too embarrassed to wear certain clothes, bikinis, and I feel bad when I look at myself naked or in my underwear. Is a pronounced bulge normal? How can I get rid of it, through surgery or other means (such as weight loss)? And one last question, will my future male partner be grossed out or turned off if I do still have it?

Curvy In The Wrong Place

Dear Curvy,

I'm glad you wrote me. EVERYONE's mound under their pubic hair "bulges" a bit after puberty. It's actually your body's way of planning for the time that you start having sex: the fat pad under your hair will protect your pubic bone during intercourse. If you're really overweight (not just "not a size 6"), losing weight may help a bit. But my guess is that you're normal. And even if you could (and I bet there are skeevy surgeons who would offer you liposuction if you asked) you really wouldn't want to lose this fat--that could make sex awfully painful.

And believe me, your future boyfriends will be so happy to be naked with you, they won't be turned off at all. We women worry a lot about what our guys will think about our bodies when we're naked...and if you ask the guys, they're just so happy to be there in bed with you, that these "imperfections" don't matter.

So try to be the healthiest weight you can...and love that your body does things to keep you sexually healthy.

Dr. Kate

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