Thursday, May 07, 2009

G Spot Not the Great Spot

Dr. Kate,

I have this great new boyfriend and we have fantastic sex--often including orgasm, sometimes rough and with lots of oral, all of which includes some heavy use of the G-spot (none of which I've done much of before). I am enjoying it and so is he, but I've been having a problem with feeling like something isn't quite right "down there" after our sessions. It basically feels like I have to go to the bathroom all day (but I don't need to actually go - it just feels that way) and is a general discomfort/feeling like I have some sort of problem with that area. It doesn't burn when I urinate and it doesn't seem to be a yeast infection. Could this discomfort be from over-stimulation of the G-spot? Is it a normal reaction or should I worry that this could be a signal for something else?


G-Spot Gal

Dear G-Spot Gal,

Discomfort isn't normal, especially when it lasts for hours after sex. The first thing to do is to rule out a bladder infection--not all UTIs have burning with urination, and they can present just like your other symptoms. Plus, it's more common to develop a UTI when you're having lots of sex. (Your gyno can also test you for STDs from your urine sample, just to make sure there's nothing scary going on, either.)

If your doc tells you that your urine is clear, your discomfort may be from vaginal chafing (ouch). The "g-spot" is really just part of your upper vaginal wall--it's not a separate structure. And any part of your vagina can become sore from too much friction. Perhaps your marathon sex sessions are leaving you a bit dry, or there's a bit too much attention paid to such a small area. Try adding lubricant during intercourse, or balancing tongue-attention to your labia and clitoris with your g-spot during oral. And you might want to think about giving the g-spot a bit of a break altogether for awhile, to see if that resolves the discomfort. Such an attentive, giving boyfriend is sure to work with you to keep the sex fantastic--as well as pain-free.

Dr. Kate

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L said...

Dr. Kate--
Congrats on successful creation and arrival of your full-on human being! Awesome to see you rushing back to us on the 'blog.

I've had similar symptoms from a lot of g-spot stim as your reader and gotten it checked out, everything's all good, negative for everything that you always hope it's negative for-- I wanted to add some additional info.

As info for G-Spot Gal, for me a lot of g-spot stimulation means a lot of blood engorgement and possibly fluid buildup in the Skeins gland (which is where female ejacualate comes from).

I can count on one finger the number of times I've ejaculated since I started becoming active with a partner (and squirting is always on my own), but I imagine that if it were my ken, stimulating myself to ejaculation would take care of the discomfort.

I checked my references and found Paul Joannides' Guide To Getting It On p 164 5th edition on handwork for women (Zen of Finger Fucking): "When the two of you have decided to call it a day, the man might try putting two fingers inside the vagina and applying pressure to help "wring out" some of the engorged blood."

One day, when women are as important as men to study, we will have a better idea of what the hell is the deal with the G', but until then it may have to be G-spotting pioneers who write the User Manual, since science doesn't seem too keen on doing so. Just my 0.02, thanks for posting this letter!