Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oversleeping Plan B

Dr. Kate,

My boyfriend and I use condoms, but he also generally pulls out during sex. So we were having super hot sex and then he came inside me. Whenever this happens, I take the morning-after pill to be safe. But this time I was so tired that I took the second pill 21 hours later rather than 12 hours later. Because I slipped up taking the second pill does that increase my chance of getting pregnant?

Not 2 Late?

Dear Not 2 Late,

We don't know for sure what happens when you take the second pill of plan B late. My best guess is that it doesn't work as well, and perhaps not at all. So I'm glad you were using it as a back-up to your back-up method of birth control (withdrawal...yes, "pulling out" counts as birth control, albeit not a very effective one). Since you were using a condom, your chance of pregnancy from this one time is pretty low.The easiest way to prevent this very common plan B mistake is to take both pills at the same time. It's just as effective, and won't increase the chance of nausea or vomiting.

Using condoms + withdrawal each time you have intercourse? Not a bad combination if you can't get access to hormonal birth control or IUDs. But I'd encourage you to think about these other methods. They're much more effective, and certainly are easier to use than buying EC multiple times in a year.

Do any of you use condoms and withdrawal as your birth control combo?

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Sarah said...

I think that it's overkill to use Plan B after sex with a condom. I understand why people might do it, if pregnancy is not an option, but I think that the fearmongering that so often accompanies birth control discussions (a) gets people more paranoid than they need to be, and (b) encourages women to unnecessarily take large amounts of hormones which aren't all that great for your system. I think Plan B is great, and its side effects are minimal, but I think it might have been nice to make it more clear that in this case it really just wasn't necessary.