Friday, July 03, 2009

Backside Bump

Dr. Kate,

I have a rather embarrassing question to ask. A couple of months ago, my guy and I decided to try full-out anal sex. I think he didn't actually use enough lube, because it hurt more than I'd ever imagined and it bled a little afterward. We didn't do this again because of the pain, and the blood. A couple of days later, I noticed that I had developed a fleshy bit on the edge of my anus, which felt, to the touch, sort of like a skin tag. But it is sometimes itchy, and has bled again, once or twice. Is it possible to develop a hemorrhoid, or something like it from anal sex? And is this something I need to be worried about?

Tag, I'm It

Dear Tag,

It does sound like you've developed a hemorrhoid, a small prolapsed (bulging-out) vein that can pop out on the inside or the outside of your anus. 'Roids are known for being itchy, a bit painful, and occasionally bleeding. It's unlikely, though, that one act of anal sex cause the hemorrhoid to develop - you need more pressure on your bottom for a longer period of time (like chronic constipation or pregnancy). So it's possible that you're either noticing the bump for the first time, or that it was there before, and after sex has now dropped down to be exposed on the outside where you can feel it. Either way, it's nothing to worry about. Preparation H can help with the itch, and you'll only need it removed if the bleeding becomes serious (more than the occasional drop or streak when you wipe).

If you ever want to try anal sex again, definitely use A LOT of lube, and make sure he thrusts slooowwwly and gently. The back door is not like the front, and requires its own technique.

Have you had any problems when trying anal sex?

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