Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I Must Increase My Bust

Dr. Kate,

I am almost to the point of desperation with the small size of my breasts. For years I have been contemplating a breast augmentation, but I am scared of the pain/recovery time, and nervous of the long-term possible effects, plus the expense is too much. Other than surgery, is there anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, such as herbal pills/supplements, estrogen pills/injections, whatever, proven to work and maintain, and/or to "restart" breast growth? I am on the Yasmin birth control pill, and one of the side effects of Yasmin is possible breast enlargement...didn't work on me! Please don't tell me to be happy with what I have; no offense but you don't know how I look braless or without padded, underwire bras! I am very self-conscious in intimate situations. To look semi-proportionate in t-shirts I HAVE TO wear thickly padded underwire bras while out in public/away from home. I don't wear tank tops, low-cut tops, bathing suits, or any top which focuses on the chest; I don't naturally fill them out. I am: female, 33 yrs., large body frame and heavyset, 5' 7"...with small B-cup breasts that make me feel deformed and disproportionate; I look like I have man-boobs!


Dear Boobless,

The simplest answer to your question is no. Many pills, creams, etc. claim to enlarge your breasts, without any evidence that they do. And any medication that actually works to make your breasts grow--generally herbs and hormones--put you at an increased risk of breast cancer. Birth control pills do (safely) cause breast enlargement for some women - and if one brand of pills doesn't work, another might - but it's impossible to predict.

Mechanical means (suction systems, etc) don't seem to last long-term, and are arduous at best. The Bravia system makes you wear a suction-cup-like bra for 10 hours a day for 10 weeks. I believe it to be safe, but who can really do that? Plus, once you stop the suction, your breasts will go back to their normal size.

It's hard for me to not talk about breast acceptance - how any guy who sees you naked is simply happy to be you always look thinner with smaller there's less to sag as you get older. And B-cups are not that small - check out the photos in this month's Glamour magazine. It's got a feature all about breasts, including celebrities looking fabulous at every cup size.

So what can you do? Try a different combination of birth control pills, buff up your pectoral muscles to maximize what you've got, and only consider surgery as the final alternative if you feel you don't want to live any other way.

Have any of you tried things to increase the size of your breasts?

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