Monday, September 14, 2009

Jiffy Lube

One of the best ways to improve your sex life is to add a lubricant. Lube may help prevent condom breakage, and may increase both your comfort and his sensitivity (a good answer if he’s whining about using a condom). Lubes are especially important for back-door play, when you’re more at risk of tears in your tissue. You want to find a lube that’s effective for your needs and non-irritating. Fortunately, there’s a multitude of options in the stores or even in your kitchen. In general, you’ll need to try out a few with your guy to see what’s most comfortable. To help find the one that’s best for you, use the handy guide below.

Water-based: Overall the safest types, non-irritating, but can dry more quickly. Ones with glycerin (Replens) or sugar (many flavored ones— for external use only) may increase risk of yeast infection, so steer clear if you’re prone. AstroGlide has the preservative propylene glycol, which may be irritating if you’re sensitive. Trying to get pregnant? KY Liquid contains chlorhexidine, which is toxic to sperm—but don’t count on it if you’re trying to avoid pregnancy!

Oil-based: Vaseline, mineral oil, baby oil. Not water soluble, harder to rinse off, may stain your sheets. Deadly to latex condoms, diaphragms and dental dams, but fine with polyurethane condoms. May coat the vagina or rectum and increase infection risk, so reconsider if you’re plagued with frequent bouts of vaginitis.

Silicone-based: Safe with all condoms and latex products. Longer lasting but harder to wash off—this makes it excellent in the shower. May cause damage to silicone sex toys (too much of a good thing).

And if you find lube messy, here’s a fantastic tip: buy an oil pump mister that’s usually used for nonstick cooking; fill it with the lube of your choice, then spray away where it’s needed. Presto, no sticky hands. Have you found any fun ways of using lube?

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