Friday, October 02, 2009

How Will Her Ring Affect Me?

Dr. Kate,

I'm in a relationship with another woman who because of health issues has been put on a contraceptive device (Nuva Ring - a low estrogen ring thing that she inserts once a month). She has just started this but obviously none of the common questions included in the package address whether or not this will have any effect on a female partner. Any ideas? Thanks!


Dear F,

You're right, the package inserts of vaginal products are woefully short of advice for their user's partners, male or female. The Nuva Ring releases a small amount of hormone every day that will be absorbed through your partner's vaginal walls. The ring should have no affect on you during sex - your fingers or tongue are not going to absorb any significant amount of hormone. If you're both uncomfortable with the idea of the ring still inside her when you're intimate, she can take the ring out for up to three hours. She can then put it back in, and shouldn't see any change in her bleeding patterns or other happy-ring effects.

Best of health,
Dr. Kate

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