Monday, May 03, 2010

Bad From The Bone

Dear Dr. Kate,

I'm seriously worried that my pubic bone is in the wrong position, or too low in my body as I can feel it just inside my vaginal wall.

As soon as my finger enters the vagina I only need to slightly push upon the upper wall (less than a cm in) and I can feel the bone there. I know it is a bone, not muscle, as I can hook my finger behind it and it does not move at all as the muscles of the vagina do.

I am concerned firstly because this is not where it is supposed to be for anyone, but also I'm worried that it will be an obstruction for sex (I have not yet had intercourse, but am currently seeing someone who soon I was hoping to lose my virginity to. I am 20 years old. What should I do?



Each woman has a differently shaped pelvis; for some women, the pubic bone is more prominent than others, but it doesn't mean that it's "wrong." A midwifery blog has a good explanation of the differences here; if you'd like to see drawings of the different pelvis types, look here. It sounds to me like your pubic bone is exactly where it should be--you may simply have a pelvis shape that makes your pubic bone point a little lower. You'll find that there's more room in your vagina when you push down (towards your rectum) than when you push up, towards your bladder and pubic bone. I think it's likely that you'll be able to have sex without pain, as well as probably deliver a baby in the future.

That said, it's not unusual to have pain with intercourse the first few times - usually because you're anxious enough to not be lubricated or fully relaxed. Make sure you get 20-30 minutes of foreplay, to give your vagina enough time to engorge (it actually gets bigger--longer and wider--to accomodate him), and use a lubricant as well (even if you're wet, using a bit of lube from a bottle will make it much easier).

Best of health,
Dr. Kate

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